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CEPI is an organization created for Idaho Code Enforcement Professionals. We have been serving Code Enforcement Professionals throughout the State for many years. Our outreach programs and education initiatives are designed to help those who work in code enforcement, those who work alongside code enforcement professionals, those interested in a career in code enforcement, or anyone just seeking information about code enforcement in general.

We do not require that you become a member of the association to support this organization in any way. We are always looking for feedback and constructive criticism, information pertinent to the CEPI organization and code enforcement in general, and creative ways to get new members to join the CEPI organization.

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About CEPI

What is a Code Enforcement Officer?

A Code Enforcement Officer is a sworn or non-sworn inspector, officer or investigator, employed by a city or county, who possesses specialized training in, and whose primary duties are the prevention, detection, investigation, and enforcement of violations of laws regulating public nuisance, public health, safety, and welfare, public works, business activities and consumer protection, building standards, land-use, or municipal affairs.

What is Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is an important function local governments perform for accomplishing community wide goals. Code Enforcement helps empower the citizens of their community to create and maintain safe, healthy and attractive living and working environments. The aim is to help improve neighborhoods and economic conditions so that the community is known as a good place to live, raise families, work and retire in.

Some may view code enforcement as an annoying intrusion into the free use of private property. Traditionally, code enforcement is a process whereby local governments use various techniques to work with the community to gain compliance with duly-adopted regulations such as land use and zoning ordinances., health and housing codes, sign standards, building and fire codes.

Contemporary code enforcement involves local enforcement officials in the job of ensuring compliance with policies, codes, rules, regulations, and permits in a proper, timely fashion within the limits of the law. Consequently, enforcement officials must be fully acquainted with the adoption process and the thinking behind the regulations they enforce as well as the legal limits placed on them. Conversely those who write the laws must understand the problems particualar to enforcement and administration as the codes and regulations are implemented.

In this context the code enforcement official is a unique public servant whose responsibility lies squarely between policy making and the realms of law enforcement and litigation. The U.S. Congress, state legislatures, and city councils and county boards and/or commissions adopt policies, codes, ordinances, rules and regulations to solve problems or respond to federal, state, or community needs and mandates. Enforcement applies these laws to specific properties, either by using warnings and notices to persuade voluntary compliance or by filing court actions., all under the rubric of 'police powers'. Local enforcement officials and those who write the policies, codes, rules, and regulations are obligated to understand the management of the code enforcement function and the entire complex process.

Meet the Board


Chuck Green

Vice President

Kevin Horan


Larry Robertson


Beth Bresnahan

Public Information Officer

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Training Coordinator

Shaun Thomas

Past President

Ed Paoli

Region 1 representative


Region 2 representative

Scott Rowell

Region 3 representative

Richard Ashcroft




The Code Enforcement Professionals of Idaho invite you to participate in our 5th Annual Conference in Boise, ID on April 05 - April 07, 2016. The conference is the premier educational event for all Code Enforcement Professionals in Idaho.


Our organization is very diverse and resourceful, whether you are a Code Enforcement Professional, a Housing or Zoning Inspector, a Law Enforcement Officer, involved in Animal Control, Environmental Protection, Solid / Liquid Waste, Planning, or have a business association with Code Enforcement, our Conference has something for you.


This year's Conference will be held at the Boise Police Department, located at 333 Mark Stall Place and will take place in the Police Training Room.


The event will be a rewarding Training and Networking experience for all who attend and some of the topics chosen for this year's Conference are as follows:

  • Aggressive Dogs
  • Situational Awareness
  • REO Properties
  • Drug Trends
  • Sovereign Citizens
  • What we do as First Responders
  • Networking using Social Media
  • 4th Ammendment Law Presentation
  • Motivational Speaker

The cost to attend the Training Conference is $100.00 which includes a one year membership to the Code Enforcement Professionals of Idaho (CEPI) organization.


Ed Paoli
CEPI President
Code Enforcement Professionals of Idaho

2016 Conference Brochure


How to Join CEPI

Welcome to the Code Enforcement Professionals of Idaho and thank you for making the choice to join our organization!

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If you are new to CEPI and have never been a member but have been thinking about joining, then be sure to continue reading...


Don't miss this opportunity to enroll in CEPI. The membership rate is $100.00. To become a member simply download and print the Membership Application, fill it out and mail it to:

Code Enforcement Professionals of Idaho
P.O. Box 504
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Active Member

A person employed by a participating agency who is actively involved in and responsible for the enforcement of municipal, county, state or federal codes shall be eligible for membership in CEPI as an Active Member, with voting privileges. Annual Dues are $100.00.

Associate Member

Any student, individual, or non-resident interested in code enforcement and / or any active member leaving code enforcement, and not otherwise eligible for membership will be classified as an associate member. Associate Members shall not have voting priveledges or be allowed to hold a position on the CEPI Board of Directors. Annual Dues are $75.00.

Retired Member

Any Active Member in good standing at the time they retired from employment in the profession of code enforcement shall be eligible for membership in CEPI as a Retired Member. Retired members shall not have voting priveledges or be allowed to hold a position on the CEPI Board of Directors. Annual Dues are $50.00.

Affiliate Member

Any local, state, or other nonprofit organization or association, commercial entity, governmental agency or association interested in supporting the purpose and mission of CEPI shall be eligible for membership as an Affiliate Member. Affiliate Members shall be eligible to participate in exhibits or displays at CEPI conferences without charge, but shall not be eligible to vote on CEPI matters. Please contact us if you have an interest in joining. No Annual Dues.

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